March 2006

Happenings28 Mar 2006 08:06 am

Congratulations to Spencer and Kristi on the arrival of Sienna Lynne! A happy, healthy 7lb 10oz, 20 inch bundle of joy made her grand debut yesterday afternoon at 4:58pm. Mother and daughter (and father) are doing fine.


Work23 Mar 2006 08:01 am

I realized that I haven’t posted any photos recently of the office renovation since the construction crew carried their tools away (for what is hopefully the last time). I’m very pleased with the way it has all come together.


Musings20 Mar 2006 05:17 pm

Found this nugget today:

A salad bar that’s 5 miles long is as useless to me as one that’s 3000 miles long because I’m getting all the salad I can eat in the first 15 feet.

Don’t fill up on iceberg.