Musings and Technology02 Feb 2006 04:52 pm

Don’t you just love geek humor? I’d forgotten about this one.

ybin: Setting attributes on ofboot…
ybin: Setting attributes on yaboot…
ybin: Setting attributes on yaboot.conf…
ybin: Blessing /dev/hdb4 with Holy Penguin Pee…
ybin: Updating OpenFirmware boot-device variable in nvram…

Musings and Technology02 Jan 2006 04:41 pm

Ok. It has been a long time since Apple Computer generated enough buzz that vendors were proud to be Macintosh specialists. The iPod halo has clearly touched Tekserve.


Technology02 Jan 2006 12:22 pm

I finally upgraded my photo album to Gallery 2 (which should make a certain Mr. Valk happy). A relatively painless process and I’m pleased with the improvements in general. The biggest pain by far was migrating the albums that have been living at my .Mac account.

Technology17 Jul 2005 03:04 pm

I’ve been looking for a photo library alternative to .Mac (which is what I’ve been using until now). Export support from iPhoto is nearly a deal-breaker feature and although I know lots of folks that use Gallery and think its relatively slick, I didn’t consider it until I found this utility for exporting from iPhoto. And so I headed off to install Gallery at Dreamhost.

Thanks to this helpful post, I finally have the package working. I still have a fair amount of exploration and configuration to wrap up before I start using it as my primary photo library, but hopefully it will be ready for the next significant round of pics.

Technology30 Apr 2005 10:26 pm

I finally dealt with settling on a blogging package. WordPress was the winner and aside from my painfully amateur html and css skills, its been pleasantly easy to get this up and running. I’m not so bold as to create a stylesheet and theme from scratch, but modifying this theme downloaded from has been a breeze.

I pulled together some of my older postings and back-dated a few entries below in an effort to consolidate things here.