Musings20 Mar 2006 05:17 pm

Found this nugget today:

A salad bar that’s 5 miles long is as useless to me as one that’s 3000 miles long because I’m getting all the salad I can eat in the first 15 feet.

Don’t fill up on iceberg.

Musings and Technology02 Feb 2006 04:52 pm

Don’t you just love geek humor? I’d forgotten about this one.

ybin: Setting attributes on ofboot…
ybin: Setting attributes on yaboot…
ybin: Setting attributes on yaboot.conf…
ybin: Blessing /dev/hdb4 with Holy Penguin Pee…
ybin: Updating OpenFirmware boot-device variable in nvram…

Musings11 Jan 2006 05:01 pm

Those two dollar steaks are like nine dollars these days.

Kayak and Musings05 Jan 2006 07:44 am

I came across this little gem recently – a promotional clip for a new CD by Kali (Bartek Kalinowsk). I think the official title is “Paddling on Monciak (Splyw Monciakiem)”. Monciak is not a river, but a popular walking street in the Polish seaside resort town of Sopot, near Gdansk. Its true, some of us really do dream about paddling.


Musings and Technology02 Jan 2006 04:41 pm

Ok. It has been a long time since Apple Computer generated enough buzz that vendors were proud to be Macintosh specialists. The iPod halo has clearly touched Tekserve.


Musings07 Dec 2005 10:25 am

I stumbled across this webcam from National Geographic today.

Musings10 May 2005 11:32 pm

Growing up, I always thought I had a pretty unusual name – last name that is. And then came the internet. It’s been interesting to see how the results of a Google search for Michael Horst have changed over the years. Initially, the results were dominated by the publishings of a cardiothorasic surgeon in Germany and although I was quoted in a handful of the technology rags at the time on a variety of issues, I never made the first page of results. Now the search produces a much wider range and its quite clear there are many Michael Horsts running around this planet.

I guess I can thank Google for all the misdirected email I get for this Michael Horst. I recently got a request to return a set of borrowed tent poles after a Rainier summit.

I’m still not to be found in the first page of results (I’m not complaining about the anonymity), but simply adding any one of these three words to the search will find me as the first result: kayak, darts, or Macktez. Really not surprising, given the amount of time I spend with each.

Even adding New York returns the wrong Phonebook listing, but I do get a couple of hits on the first page.