AKT12 Oct 2006 08:10 am

Bob Volin has posted some of his photos from the recent outing to Cape Cod. The video of the seals playing in the 6-7 knot current at Monomoy is nice.

AKT and Kayak Log10 Oct 2006 08:54 am

More comments on the trip to come later, but here are a few photos from the weekend.

AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log28 Sep 2006 06:13 pm

Sid Stone, Bob Volin and I headed out for a quick night paddle to give us a chance to sort out gear and lighting preferences and gain a little more experience with night navigation.


AKT and Happenings and Kayak05 Sep 2006 10:23 am

After being stopped by an NYPD squad car on my morning walk to the Staten Island Ferry and told to drop my paddle bag and step aside while the officer inspected it (yes, paddle bags do look a bit like rifle bags), I was then stopped inside the ferry terminal while the bomb dog went through my gear. To top it all off, as the group was returning to our take-out site on Staten Island north of the Verrazano Bridge, we were approached by three Coast Guard vessels, two NYPD boats and a helicopter – not to mention several rescue vehicles on the Belt Parkway. After repeated interrogations, they finally let us proceed under escort across the channel and past the bridge. The Coast Guard eventually explained that they had received a call of bodies in the water.

I’m not sure if the level of scrutiny I received that day left me feeling safe or violated. I guess that is the proverbial fine line of law enforcement.


AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log01 Aug 2006 11:02 pm

An eventful couple of days on the water in Rhode Island, including a night navigation and surf landing. Many lessons learned. I’ve posted a few photos.

AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log30 May 2006 07:58 am

Finally able to get on the water again to start the kayaking season with an easy beginner trip out of Peekskill. Hot and sunny, but the water is still cold. A couple of rolls just to reassure myself that I haven’t lost it yet. Actually, my form is a little sloppy and I busted a couple of butterfly rolls (not that I really ever had that one down pat). All in all, a good day on the water.

AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log05 Nov 2005 03:36 pm

The last AKT trip of this season for me. A remarkably warm day with air temps approaching 70. Of course, the water temp has already dropped below 50 degrees. The tide was as high as I’ve ever seen it in Tivoli Bays and at the Saugerties Lighthouse. The Esopus was running large and the stretch below the waterfall produced some really wild conditions to manuveur with 16 ft boats. It also produced a few capsizes and rescues, while not particularly dangerous, were a little tricky.


AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log02 Nov 2005 09:28 am

I still haven’t been able to bring myself to put down all my thoughts about this day. Its been well over a month and although I personally had a blast on the water that day (inspite of the truly exhausting leg to end the day), the events of the day raise many questions about knowing one’s own limits, trusting other to know their’s, leadership decisions, group decisions, safety and survival. It wasn’t a life or death kind of scenario, but the stakes were pretty high. Stranded on Plum Island and the inevitable arrest to follow, or a rescue at sea were both dangerously close to being immediate options. Here are a few images of the calm before the storm that simply don’t begin to convey the sequences of the day.

Photos of Plum Gut.

AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log14 Oct 2005 08:47 am

The annual end-of-season AKT Staff retreat was another rewarding trip this year. The weather held through and the torrential rains and gale force winds that hit most of the Northeast and were predicted for the Cape passed just to the west and we only got a taste of the conditions. Although it did cool off toward the end of the weekend and we did get rain, it wasn’t the raw and draining weekend I’d braced (and packed) for. A few glimpses of the trip.

AKT and Kayak and Kayak Log and Work10 Sep 2005 08:30 am

Starting from Peekskill, we headed north on the Hudson to Bear Mountain Bridge and Popolopen Creek for lunch. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. A good time was had by all—at least that’s what everyone said (as if they’d tell me otherwise).