Happenings20 Feb 2006 07:26 pm

My little Serissa (serissa foetida) hasn’t had this many blooms since it was first given to me over a year ago. I’ve found it to be very challenging to keep this little fellow happy in our arid and drafty apartment. I also find it curious that it is now blooming so well when otherwise the tree is showing signs of really struggling with the winter conditions.


Happenings18 Feb 2006 01:45 pm

A nice little getaway for the long weekend. Headed up to the Northampton, MA area for some downtime outside the city. Doxia and I have a way of finding the coldest weekends of the year to go north. Temps in the single digits and fierce winds kept it really quite frigid, but the lack of snow limited our options for outdoor play. We did stop to go bowling to warm up and I set a personal best with a 192.


Happenings17 Feb 2006 03:02 pm

I’m not as upset about the recent acquisition for centerfield as are many Yankee fans—and apparently, many Boston fans. I’m of the opinion that eliminating an enemy’s asset is the same as adding one for yourself. In this case, we did both, even if the asset isn’t the one I’d have chosen to add. At least he isn’t working for the bad guys anymore.


Happenings13 Feb 2006 07:43 am

Doxia and I went to see Bodies, the Exhibition at South Street Seaport on Saturday. Really quite amazing. The human body is such a wonderfully engineered machine. Aside from the abundance of doctors and those who wish they were all reliving Anatomy class, the exhibit is really amazing. The specimens have been preserved with various processes that replace the water within the tissue with silicon, providing a high degree of rigidity which allows the bodies to be positioned and displayed in upright, lifelike poses.

Happenings12 Feb 2006 05:43 pm

The Blizzard of 2006 seems to be finally winding down, with the latest snowfall total in Central Park reported at 26.9 inches, making it the largest snowfall for the city since they started keeping records in 1869. I’ve been here to witness 3 of the top 5. By the way, the normal seasonal snowfall for New York City is 22.4 inches.

1. February 11-12, 2006—26.9 inches
2. December 26-27, 1947—26.4 inches
3. March 12-14, 1888—21.0 inches
4. January 6-7, 1996—20.2 inches
5. February 17, 2003—19.6 inches

I’m curious to see where this storm lands on the Snowfall Impact Scale. I certainly remember driving from VA to CT just hours on the heels of the March ‘93 storm.


Happenings12 Feb 2006 09:57 am

From Greg Brown.


Happenings12 Feb 2006 09:39 am

The media is calling this the Blizzard of 2006. For once, I think I agree. It has been snowing since late last night and the winds have been whipping, limiting visibility to almost nothing. Two interesting and in my experience unique aspects of this storm were the lightening and thunder in the early morning hours and the fact that this storm system formed a distinct eye much like a hurricane.


Happenings18 Dec 2005 02:59 pm

I’m not quite sure what we’re celebrating, but it is red, white and blue.

Happenings09 Dec 2005 07:47 am

Five or so inches fell this morning. Big, wet flakes made for a wintery wonderland.

Happenings30 Nov 2005 08:47 am

During the long dark years on Canal Street, it became more of a Thanksgiving Cactus. A few more days until the rest of the buds open.

Happenings24 Nov 2005 11:27 am

First snow of the year. Thanksgiving at the Dargaty’s in Danbury, CT.

Happenings22 Nov 2005 12:13 pm

Not that Nancy Whiskey. I found this little treasure in a stairwell on Centre Street.

Happenings18 Nov 2005 07:53 am

She passed the big test! Not that we expected otherwise, but its one of those things that you just can’t count on until you know for sure. Three long years of Law School and four agonizing months of waiting are over. Hooray!

Happenings11 Nov 2005 06:58 am

It finally feels like fall and the sky is starting to look that way as well.

Happenings06 Nov 2005 12:26 pm

Stunning. My parents have always had several amaryllis bulbs around the house, but I am still amazed by the incredible growth and beauty that emerges.

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