January 2006

Work24 Jan 2006 10:37 am

Furniture, shelves and boxes are all starting to arrive at 137 Grand. Looks a little smaller as its starts to fill, but we’ve got plenty of space. The rest should all arrive tomorrow, but I won’t be around to see it, as I leave in the morning for a week. I expect it will look completely different when I get back.


Work24 Jan 2006 10:03 am

After more complications and frustrations than I care to detail, the Macktez office move is finally underway. The servers came online yesterday and a significant amount of the boxes made their way to the new space.

The official Macktez move status page.

And a few of my own photos of the space.


Musings11 Jan 2006 05:01 pm

Those two dollar steaks are like nine dollars these days.

Kayak and Musings05 Jan 2006 07:44 am

I came across this little gem recently – a promotional clip for a new CD by Kali (Bartek Kalinowsk). I think the official title is “Paddling on Monciak (Splyw Monciakiem)”. Monciak is not a river, but a popular walking street in the Polish seaside resort town of Sopot, near Gdansk. Its true, some of us really do dream about paddling.


Musings and Technology02 Jan 2006 04:41 pm

Ok. It has been a long time since Apple Computer generated enough buzz that vendors were proud to be Macintosh specialists. The iPod halo has clearly touched Tekserve.


Technology02 Jan 2006 12:22 pm

I finally upgraded my photo album to Gallery 2 (which should make a certain Mr. Valk happy). A relatively painless process and I’m pleased with the improvements in general. The biggest pain by far was migrating the albums that have been living at my .Mac account.