Growing up, I always thought I had a pretty unusual name – last name that is. And then came the internet. It’s been interesting to see how the results of a Google search for Michael Horst have changed over the years. Initially, the results were dominated by the publishings of a cardiothorasic surgeon in Germany and although I was quoted in a handful of the technology rags at the time on a variety of issues, I never made the first page of results. Now the search produces a much wider range and its quite clear there are many Michael Horsts running around this planet.

I guess I can thank Google for all the misdirected email I get for this Michael Horst. I recently got a request to return a set of borrowed tent poles after a Rainier summit.

I’m still not to be found in the first page of results (I’m not complaining about the anonymity), but simply adding any one of these three words to the search will find me as the first result: kayak, darts, or Macktez. Really not surprising, given the amount of time I spend with each.

Even adding New York returns the wrong Phonebook listing, but I do get a couple of hits on the first page.