April 2005

Technology30 Apr 2005 10:26 pm

I finally dealt with settling on a blogging package. WordPress was the winner and aside from my painfully amateur html and css skills, its been pleasantly easy to get this up and running. I’m not so bold as to create a stylesheet and theme from scratch, but modifying this theme downloaded from wptheme.info has been a breeze.

I pulled together some of my older postings and back-dated a few entries below in an effort to consolidate things here.

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Atlantic Kayak Tours is the outfitter with whom I spend many of my spring, summer and fall weekends. AKT follows the British Canoe Union (BCU) skills and coaching certification scheme. Last year, I received both my 3 Star Individual and Coach 2T certifications. This year, I’m hoping to get the chance at 4 Star Sea and Coach 2 Assessments.

Here’s a little bit of publicity from last year in the Gannett Journal News and another article focused on safety.

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Happenings21 Apr 2005 09:50 am

Nearly finished with her third year at Brooklyn Law School, Doxia was offered and accepted a position with Alter Mantel, a small but powerful commercial real estate firm in Manhattan. Congratulations!